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    Bosch technical trainings

    NEW - Virtual classroom

    New learning technologies found an application in Bosch technical trainings. The student is able to follow theoretical part on his computer, tablet or smartphone.

    For more information and application please click on the following link:

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    Bosch technical trainings

    Work of modern workshops is not possible without top mechanics. That quality is reflected in the new vehicle systems knowledge, diagnostic procedures, electric and non-electric measurements, reading of electric schemes and implementation of prescribed service procedures. In one word, complex of knowledge and skills you can not gain from experience but have to be learned and improved.

    Bosch training centers are providing opportunities for learning and gaining necessary skills, from the basics in electrical engineering to practical work on hybrid engines.


Technical trainings - no matter which manufacturer

The subject of trainings are specifically targeted on everyday workshop demands, so everyone can find appropriate training for themselfs.

Technical training program

Passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and alternative power systems training courses.

Technical documentation

Technical documentation

Wide choice of user manuals for diagnostic devices.

Bosch Auto Parts and Diagnostics

Bosch auto parts and diagnostics

Spare parts from Bosch impress through their quality, reliability and innovative technology.

Visit this Bosch webpage and inform yourself about diagnostic equipment, softwares, support and various Bosch concepts.


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